March 16, 2015

Read HTML table using JavaScript or jQuery

Read complete HTML table- rows & columns values using JavaScript/jQury. To understand this article, you should know about basics of HTML & JavaScript.

Read HTML table by its id attribute:
var table = document.getElementById('table_id');

Read rows count in the HTML table:
var row_count = table.rows.length;

Read columns count in the HTML table:
var col_count = table.rows[i].cells.length;

You can iterate to read all column values including headers:

for (var i = 0; i < table.rows.length; i++) 
var colmns= table.rows[i].cells;

for (var j = 0; j < colmns.length; j++) 
if (i == 0)
// Read column-header values:
// Read column-rows values:

.innerHtml - returns HTML element within the specified cell.

.innerText - returns text value within the specified cell.