March 6, 2014

C# Most FAQ in Interview

  1. What is the difference between Abstract class & Interface? When to use Interface and when to use Abstract class?
  2. What is the scenario for multiple inheritances? Can you give an example?
  3. What are differences between IQueryable & IEnumerable?
  4. What are the difference between List & IEnumerable? Which is better?
  5. What is anonymous type? What is the difference between ‘var’ & ‘dynamic’?
  6. Can you explain about dependency injection?
  7. What are delegate and multi-cast delegate?
  8. What is anonymous method? 
  9. What is the lamda expression and expression tree?
  10. What is Lazy loading in C#?
  11. What is generation mechanism in memory management?
  12. What is extension method?
  13. What is the difference between finally and finalize?
  14. What is a strong name in assembly? What is satellite assembly?
  15.  What is delay signing? What are the type of signing in assembly & whats the difference?
  16. What are the types of inheritance? Describe all.
  17. What is the difference between a class & structure?
  18. What is a virtual class? Why we use virtual class?
  19. Suppose I need to use an DLL & I want to overwrite DLL method. What are the steps to achieve this?
  20. What is serialization? Why we use it? What are the types of serialization?
  21. What is a threading? What are its different types?